Time : 2019/1/27 21:35:16

1. SKD61 hot-working die steel, can produce high-end very durable gate sleeve, hardness can reach 48-52HRC. The gate sleeve made by SKD61 has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, durability and excellent product quality. High Efficiency Gate Sleeve High Efficiency Gate Sleeve

2. SUJ2 bearing steel is a common manufacturing material for middle-end gate sleeve. Its heat treatment hardness is about

3.S45C, the material used in the low-end die, needs to be sprayed with anti-rust oil and other anti-rust treatment after high temperature to prevent rusting.

4. The hammers made of HPM1 and other hot working die steels have the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance and durability. In order to prevent the leakage of plastic materials, the inlet and outlet are generally designed as R-angle arc flow-type transition.